Guides to approach your Shopify store redesign

by Ajmal Afif

The idea of redesigning a website can be scary and daunting. Not to mention the resources and cost that come with it. Before going on a risky journey of redesign, especially if it's something that might break or make your store, I suggest you reconsider your approach with it.

Incremental changes & tweaks

Don't tweak for the sake of tweaking. You might even hurt your site's conversion rate that way. If you found yourself bossing around your team nudging pixels, you might want to reconsider your approach here.

Unless you own the mistakes you made by tweaking based on your intuition, I suggest you stop doing that.

Establish design principles that are aligned with your brand's vision & mission. Create them with your team if you must.

Focus on high impact features

Create a priority list of design tasks. Size them accordingly (I'll suggest in `Sprints` but if you're not doing `Agile` methodology then size them according to hours/days perhaps).

North-star, conceptual design

You want your team to be inspired going forward. You want them to believe in the same vision that you have. Having a north star helps. Even Shopify themselves have this; Polaris.